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White Flowers, Yes Basement. 2nd May 2024

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve been in Yes’ Basement, but I always feel happy walking in this building. Every room is lovely, but if I’m picking favourites, the Basement wins. True it could be said it’s no different from hundreds of black breeze-block bunkers around the country, but I feel an affinity with this one. Largely because it’s been responsible for introducing me to many of my favourite bands and tonight it does so with White Flowers. New is the theme of the evening as they promise and deliver box fresh songs, alongside some beautifully projected visuals. More of this visual push from smaller bands please. I realise it adds a dimension of cost, but if you can pull it off, it really does lift a set. That said, this music doesn’t need much lifting. Boy is it beautiful. Huge slabs of shoegazey atmospherics that threaten to break free from this intimate space right from the get go. It’s massive sound for a small room. Katie’s vocals are stunning. Wrapped in a thin layer of reverb she sounds magnificent. Back it up with a layer of soaring guitar, some ethereal keyboards and pulsating drumming and you’ve got the perfect mix. Although much of the set is unfamiliar, it doesn’t matter, in fact it feels like a treat. The sound builds on their debut with delicate melodies that swell into vast swathes of epic majesty. Does that sound too much? Nope, it really isn’t. Beyond thanking us for coming to watch, they don’t say much, but that’s okay. With a set like this, pack in as much as you can. My only criticism is I want more. Some songs build so gloriously, I don’t want them to stop, ever! It’s 40 mins of near perfection though and done. Quickly exiting the stage and leaving the room wanting more. Glorious.


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